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Branding: Launchrock

Just like 99designs, there are many other great tools on the web for entrepreneurs to take advantage of.  One key service to take a look at is Launchrock.  Launchrock allows you to set up a “launch page,” which is the page that is shown on your domain name while your website is being built.  There is no reason to leave your domain blank during website construction as a launch page is a valuable tool.  It not only represents your company and gives you a chance to tell the world what you do, but it also allows you to collect email addresses from potential customers.  These will be valuable when you are beginning your marketing.  In fact, this is exactly the service that offers.  Launchrock offers an easy to use site builder that allows you to make a two page website that allows you to give basic information about your business and collect email addresses from potential customers.  Another page allows the now registered customers to share the page with their friends through a variety of social networking options including Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.  

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