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E-Tip: Search Engine Optimization

Many people have asked me if I could explain search engine optimization.  In this web based world that we live in, Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO, is key to success.  This first SEO post will just be a basic overview of the first steps you must take to optimizing your site for search algorithms.  A step by step guide will be posted soon.  Please take advantage of these tips before the guide is posted as it will save much time and even make your site more appealing in the short term.  The factors that contribute to the algorithm that is Google’s search bot are:

  • External links on other websites to yours
  • Freshness of content
  • Technical soundness of site
  • Relevancy of data
  • Time site has been on web
  • Link popularity of a specific page

Let me elaborate, the external links on other websites are important as search engines such as Google are driven to organize websites by the amount of other websites linking to it.A website with hundreds of thousands of websites linking to it will be listed much higher than a website with few.Be careful though, as most social media links do not apply to these rankings.In addition, over optimization, or purely posting links around online in a spamming type manner can earn you penalization by Google, such as ban or becoming buried in the listings.Freshness of content and time on the web are other major factors as the engines look for the newest material to list first.New content will make you appear more important to Google.A blog on your website is a solid way to be sure that the content stays fresh and up to date.In addition, make sure the data and text on the site is relevant to your company and keywords.Technical soundness of site is crucial as well.You cannot have broken links or elements of the website not optimized.By making these changes and being sure that your site fits this framework, you are already well on your way to moving up the Google rankings.Keep checking back for future E-Tips, including and SEO step by step guide.

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