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E-Tip: StorySelling

Today, I heard a substantial serial entrepreneur, Larry Blumsach, discuss how to sell your products to potential customers in a group setting OR how to pitch your business to a group of investors.  StorySelling is ultimately using a real-life story from your life in a sales pitch.  It lets those listening become engaged and learn about you as the speaker. I found his theory very intriguing and loved how he discussed using a story to attract people without boring them with the same speech they always hear.  IN ADDITION, remember ultimately people invest in YOU and not your company necessarilly.  By applying these story telling tips to optimize StorySelling, you will have instantly set yourself apart from the masses.  I recommend that you start your speech with a story, as it will instantly engage the audience and nicely transition to your sales pitch after.

Steps in telling a story:

  1. Describe a location and a setting.
  2. Describe the characters (Physical and Psychological)
  3. Describe the goal and/or challenge
  4. Encounter an obstacle
  5. Crisis and Climax
  6. Resolution
  7. Lesson Learned

Here are the steps to transitioning story telling into StorySelling:

  1. Engage Mindfullness
  2. Look and see
  3. Listen and hear
  4. Yes and … (how to approach a disagreement.  Make sure you show the other person that you see their side…As in “yes, I see what your saying…, what do you think about this…”)
  5. StorySelling  (Tell the story)

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